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Hastings Pre-Thanksgiving Market THIS SATURDAY

We are lucky to live in a beautiful corner of the world here in the Hudson Valley. I will be at my "home" market in Hastings this week, and look forward to seeing the faces I have come to know and appreciate! I am ever so grateful for your support of my new adventure.

I have to say it, it's hard to believe it's already Holiday time again! As a chef, I always looked forward to the holidays as a time to cook for and with my family and friends, not just in a bustling, convivial restaurant setting. My life is different this holiday season, but I am happy to embrace this change. Of course, this year is different for all of us, but it can still be a time to take comfort in the delicious offerings of the season! This week's soups are some of the most comforting offerings I make! You know those busy days where you forget to plan something for dinner? Grab some soups to keep on hand for a nutrient dense and fulfilling meal, made by yours truly.

Soups this week include:

Butternut Squash Apple + Sage

A fan favorite! Great for the Thanksgiving table, too!

White Bean, Sausage + Kale

Weeknight dinner. Done. You're welcome.

Creamy Mushroom

Mixed mushrooms in a creamy, earthy (gluten free!) base.

Coconut Red Lentil

With warming curry spices, I find great comfort in this soup.

And it's vegan, dairy free and gluten free!

In an effort to make your Holiday meals a little easier, I am bringing a few additional items to elevate your Thanksgiving table!

My Cranberry Clementine Relish is a zingy twist on a classic accompaniment. Fresh cranberries, clementines, and a hint of crystallized ginger, lightly sweetened with Agave. A delightful alternative to the jiggly tinned type.

I have also made a rich Turkey Bone Broth. Simmered for hours, this broth will make a perfect Thanksgiving Day gravy, and can also be used to prepare side dishes, or my favorite -- the day-after Turkey Soup!!

Looking for a twist on your roasted bird? I have blended some of my favorite spices together with Himalayan Sea Salt for a Turkey Spice Rub which I plan to put on our family bird the night before Thanksgiving.

Some of you a familiar with the Tipsy Cherries, which I created at The Mill in Hastings. Soaked in a homemade Citrus Spiced Amaretto, these cherries are great for any number of celebratory cocktails (or straight out of the jar on some ice cream!!).

All of the items will be available for PRE-ORDER right here on my site. Make your market trip a little easier... the amazing staff at the market can bring your orders right to you, if you don't want to wait on the long entrance line.

In other news, we are headed to a OUTDOOR POP-UP MARKET at RIDGE HILL on TUESDAY 11/24 from 9 am to 3 pm! Looking for more local goodness for your Thanksgiving festivities? Come by to support your local food producers! Live music by Milton from 11:30-1:30!

Stay tuned for my December Schedule!

See you at the Market!


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