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Cooking for me is a very comforting activity. Maybe not the frenetic cooking during Friday night service in a restaurant kitchen when things aren't going well.... but the planning, the provisioning, the preparation of the dishes is a process I truly enjoy. When I plan out my menu each week, I try to think about what customers have liked in the past, and try to build upon those blocks with new twists and tricks.

This week I have a Moroccan Spiced Lamb, Kale and Chickpea soup that is definitely a variation on a theme. From the spice mix to the ratios of meat to beans to greens, it came together beautifully as another rendition of a soup I have been working on for many years.

Our Cabbage, Potato and Leek Soup this week might not sound like much, but digging into this bowl of comfort will warm your soul with good nutrition. Same goes for the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom! Both are fortified with homemade stocks (vegetable for the Cabbage, Chicken for the Chicken) that are the beginning of most of my soup making days.

Adding a zing this week is the Pinto Bean Posole. Several folks asked for a vegetarian version of the Chicken and Hominy Soup I made last week.... well, here it is, in all of its zingy, tangy, flavorful and also healthful glory! A labor of love.

I hope you enjoy these selections. See you at the Bronxville Market this week!


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