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The Market Vibe

I have really enjoyed participating in the Bronxville and Chappaqua Farmers Markets over the last few weeks! The market "vibe" is really a thing. I have been getting to know other vendors, chatting with market directors and volunteers, and of course meeting all of the wonderful market shoppers! In times like these, being able to have this sense of community is so comforting and needed. I have always found the Farmers Market vendor/shopper relationship to be one of mutual support. As vendors, we provide you with thoughtfully crafted and grown nourishment. As shoppers, you provide us with a reason to keep traditions, recipes, family farms and more alive and well.

We are all in this together, and together we will see it through.

That being said, I am very excited to return to my home market this weekend

in HASTINGS ON HUDSON!! This week I'm bringing some requested favorites and Hastings "classics" with me.

I have made as much soup as a one-woman soup company can make!

Pre-order for best selection!

Click below to go right to the site:

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea + Potato Curry

Tons of curry and coconut flavor in this warming and nourishing bowl.

Cauliflower — Sweet Potatoes — Yukon Gold Potatoes — Scallions Garlic — Ginger — Cilantro — Coconut Milk — Madras Curry Powder — Chickpeas — Lime Zest — Lime Juice — Sea Salt

Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Butternut Squash, Apple + Sage

The ultimate yet simple Autumn soup, made of locally sourced ingredients

for added goodness!

Butternut Squash — Apples — Onion — Sage — Butter — Sea Salt

Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Cod + Clam Chowder

A Hastings favorite!! Creamy and delicious, without being heavy. Chock full of clams and cod, this chowder uses potatoes to thicken rather than flour.

Onions — Garlic — Potatoes — Celery — Parsley —

Sea Salt — Milk —Cream — Cod — Clams

Gluten Free

Moroccan Spiced Lamb, Lentils + Kale

Richly spiced, but not hot spicy, this soup hits all of the flavor notes.

Ground Lamb — Onion — Garlic — Chickpeas — Tomatoes — Paprika — Coriander — Cumin — Smoked Paprika — Aleppo Pepper — Cinnamon —

Kale — Sea Salt

Dairy Free Gluten Free

Chicken Bone Immunity Booster Broth

It’s the time of the year to build up our immune system for the coming months. This broth is an absolute elixir of minerals AND antioxidants, and the healing power of slow simmered bone broth. This can be sipped on its own or used as a broth for dishes prepared at home.

Free Range Chicken Bones — Japanese Yams — Shiitake Mushrooms — Dried Kelp — Ginger — Turmeric — Carrots — Onions — Leeks — Fennel — Garlic — Parsley — Burdock Root — Bay Leaf — Sea Salt

Dairy Free, Gluten Free

All soups are $12 for a 32 oz container

Each quart is filled of hearty goodness for a couple of meals,

and they freeze well, too!

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

I look forward to seeing you at the market!

Upcoming Markets

11/14 Bronxville

11/21 Hastings

11/24 Ridge Hill

Winter Markets will be announced soon!

I am hoping to be in Hastings and Irvington

all winter long

to bring you the best, hand made, flavorful and nourishing soups!


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