Among the first lessons in any restaurant or culinary school education is the making of a proper stock. Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Fish... they truly are the building blocks and bases of the most flavorful dishes. Many a professional kitchen newcomer was surprised at the end of their shift when the sous chef asked them to make sure the beef or chicken stock was looking good for the morning shift. In professional kitchens, meat stocks are made in giant pots, slowly brought to a boil on a lonely burner during dinner service, then simmered for hours, even overnight, to bring out the maximum flavor of each ingredient. Fish and vegetable stocks require less time to cook, but a properly brewed concoction makes an enormous difference. Fancy, no. Necessary, yes.... there is no substitution for a properly tended stock, especially when it comes to soup!

This week I am bringing to the market two soups that use a slowly tended chicken stock I have been simmering for hours as their base. A South American - style chicken soup with Hominy and Lime, and a more European style Root Vegetable and Mushroom stewed with Farro and Bacon. The flavor depth of the stock really makes these soups special.

Soup bases can come in all kinds of other flavors, too. I have been reading a lot of soup recipes lately, and have come across many different varieties of vegetable stocks as well. The Thai Coconut Broth I created this week from a vegetable stock (also used in the Butternut Squash Soup) that was strained then coaxed into a lively existence with the addition of lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk. It was so delicious, I could have sipped it by the cup!

I look forward to sharing my soups this Saturday in Hastings! All varieties come in 32 oz containers and are available now for Pre-Order to be picked up on Saturday at the Market.

It really is that time of year. The weather gets cooler, the days get shorter, we (sigh) spend more time indoors. The upside of this for me is delving into the amazing Fall harvest, and creating warming meals for my family and of course for the Markets! A giant pot of beans on the stove at home is a sure sign of a great dinner (plus leftovers for lunch!)

I also enjoy the process of giving stocks and broths lots of time to develop flavor as they simmer happily for hours. The Immunity Boosting Broth I am bringing this week is very much a product of that. While I do make many bone-based broths, this particular one focuses on the minerals and other amazing nutrition in its highly nutritious vegetable ingredients, such as Japanese yams, burdock root, and a host of other powerhouse foods. A long simmer and steep gives it a deep flavor which tastes as good on its own, as it does in your own home creations! Featured vegetables this week include sweet late season carrots, paired with cauliflower and ginger, as well as two of my favorite spices, toasted coriander seed and Aleppo pepper. Together they are coaxed into a tangy and soothing soup that delights and warms. Of course there is also the chowder! A year round hit at The Mill, I was able to get another bunch of corn to add this week, which just helps extend that summer feeling, even if its just for lunch time.

This week, I am happy to be able to bring my soups to the Bronxville Farmers Market, and I look forward to seeing some new faces there! I will be back at the Hastings Market on 10/17.

See you at the Market!

We are looking forward to seeing you THIS SATURDAY at the Hastings on Hudson Farmers Market. Our soups this week are available for Pre-Order via the Online Ordering tab on this website. Selections will include:

Thai Zucchini - Zesty with mild green Thai curry spices and creamy with a touch of coconut milk, this vegan soup is warming and satisfying. Serve with rice, quinoa or any other whole grain for a hearty lunch. (gluten and dairy free, vegan)

White Bean, Sausage and Escarole - a classic Italian style soup and a hearty meal in itself. Loaded with white beans and sweet Italian sausage, this soup makes a filling lunch or a light dinner. (gluten and dairy free)

Cod and Corn Chowder - a New England style fish stew with some of the last of the season's corn. A best seller and local favorite! (gluten free)

Pumpkin Ginger - Winter squash and pumpkins are everywhere! Roasted to enhance their sweetness, then combined with fresh ginger and loads of herbs for a beautiful puree that will warm you up on a chilly afternoon or evening. (gluten free, dairy free, vegan)

Feel free to send a message with any questions! I look forward to seeing you at the market!

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